Academic Honors Award Assembly

1. To be awarded an Academic Letter, a minimum grade point average of 3.5 must be earned for three individual semesters (not necessarily consecutive).
2. An entering freshman will become eligible for the Academic Letter at the end of the first semester of sophomore year.
3. If a student transfers from another school and the previous records show the student has met the requirements to receive the Academic Letter, the student will need to complete one semester at the new campus with a 3.5 or higher to be awarded the letter.
4. Students in 9, 10, 11 must maintain a minimum of 7 classes in the school’s regular day class program.
5. Student in grade 12 must maintain a minimum of 6 classes in the school’s regular day program.
6. Only classes taken during the regular day class program, including classes at Porterville College, will be considered for the Academic letter.
7. Confirmation of each student’s grade point average will be determined through the District’s computerized GPA printout.
8. At the end of each semester, the student should check with the Guidance Office for grade point average eligibility.
9. After a student has received the Academic Letter, for each additional semester with a 3.5 or higher, the student will receive a Lamp of Knowledge. Student handbook defines the site requirement for this award.
Spring Academic Honors Assembly is scheduled for Friday, March 13, 2020.