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LJE: Law, Justice and Ethics

Law, Justice and Ethics


In 2011-2012 the Law, Justice and Ethics Pathway (LJE) was established at Granite Hills High School. LJE is a four year program which provides a focus for students who are interested in Law and Criminal Justice, Public Safety, and Ethics. Students will have an opportunity to develop an understanding of numerous careers in a diverse learning environment which helps prepare students for both college and career preparation. The program includes a rigorous curriculum designed for California law and law enforcement academies as well as careers in the educational sector. LJE meets both state and national academic standards and career and technical education standards.


Course offerings for the Law, Justice and Ethics pathway include: Introduction to Law, Justice and Education, Freshmen Seminar, Foundations in Law, Criminal Justice, Foundations in Education, Child Development/Psychology, Careers in Education, Mock Trial, and Public Safety (TCOVE class).  Future plans include expansion of Careers in Education as the infrastructure is set with Porterville College and Fresno State University.


The Law, Justice and Ethics pathway prepares students for some of the following possible career choices:



Court Reporter


Secret Service

Probation Officer


Forensic Scientist

Crime Scene Investigator

Teacher/School Administrator


Psychological Profiler

U.S. Marshal

ATF Agent

CIA Agent