Granite Hills will host: Student Strong Unity Protest

Granite Hills students have put together a protest in response to the recent school shootings. The purpose of the protest is to motivate students to continue to come to school in times like this instead of a walk-out, like is happening nationally. To show the solidarity of students, as they still go to school despite the risks we now face in our current society. The protest will be the last activity during a week full of daily themed activities to have the students not fear coming to a place to where they should feel safe.

 Day 1: The Written Word is stronger than weapons

Students will be given white paper by their English teacher (provided by LJE and delivered by a group of students by Friday and picked up late Monday or early Tuesday) to illustrate a strong word they feel describes how they feel during these days. The papers will then be hung all around campus by a group of students.

Day 2: Super hero day

Dress up as a superhero, it could be a fictional character, or a real life person who inspired change or helped others. A reward will be given to the best costume (provided by LJE).

Day 3: No Fear is allowed in this classroom door decoration contest

All teachers are encouraged to decorate their door in any way to demonstrate that fear is not allowed inside the classroom. The teachers can either decorate the door themselves or have it as a classroom project. The teacher with the best door decorations will win a prize (provided by LJE).

Day 4: Sign My Shirt Day

Students are encouraged to bring a plain white t-shirt or shirt of their choice and have students sign it around school with their friends and teachers to show a student-friendly community.

Day 5: Protest day

Students will be required to come to the amphitheater 20 minutes prior to lunch time. Students will wear school colors and bring their protest posters. If they want construction paper to make a poster, students should go to Room 1013 or Room 603. Students who want to be part of the protest by delivering a speech should get their speech in by the Wednesday before the protest.

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