Attention Grizzly Parents & Students

Granite Hills Administration have been made aware of images on social media circulating related to a possible school shooting. Porterville Police are investigating, and they informed us that they are receiving similar calls from other schools, and other law enforcement agencies are as well beyond Porterville. They believe it is a hoax, but we will remain vigilant. Please reassure your students that the authorities are aware, and that Police are in contact with social media companies to find out the source in order to put a stop to this. Also encourage your students to inform staff if they see something concerning, but to stop spreading the false threat reports on social media. 
If you have any questions or concerns please contact: 
Andrew Peterson
Vice Principal Granite Hills High School
(559) 782-7075 ext 6105
Sara Soria
Vice Principal Granite Hills High School 
(559) 782-7075 ext 6107
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