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Graphic Design (Period 7)

Mr. Dean R. Morris
Industrial Technology

Course Description

The DDC Graphic Design course provides a hands-on introduction to the technical and creative skills of a professional graphic designer. First, students learn the distinguishing features of communicating visually through graphic design. Next, they gain technical skills in Adobe Photoshop to equip them for graphic design work. From there, students master the basic principles of graphic design and then delve into elements of graphic design such as color, typography, and images.

The course includes a culminating project where students create a design portfolio for a client such as a nonprofit organization, a small business, or a school club. They learn about identity design and then create a logo, a business card, and at least one other piece of collateral to include in the portfolio they create for their client. To place all that they have learned in the context of the professional world, students explore the types of careers available to graphic designers today.

This course is expected to take 79 50-minute class periods.