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Web Design (Period 3)

Mr. Dean R. Morris
Industrial Technology
2017-18 School Year

Course Description

Web Design provides a hands-on introduction to designing, building, and launching websites. First students learn how the World Wide Web works, and they examine successful websites. Then they learn the basics of HTML coding and create their own web pages. Next, students explore various web development tools, and get practice creating websites using Adobe Dreamweaver. They learn how to make their websites more effective by applying the principles of design as well as usability and accessibility criteria. In the final unit, students explore a variety of web design careers that they might want to pursue.

The course includes a culminating project where students create a website for a client such as a nonprofit organization, a small business, or a school club. Students begin the project by examining their client’s business requirements. Then they define a look and feel that is compatible with the client’s requirements. After completing these planning steps, they create the website, which involves designing pages using Adobe Dreamweaver, preparing graphics, and writing effective web content. Finally, they test their website for usability and accessibility.

This course is expected to take 77 50-minute class periods.