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Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a college preparatory organization designed to prepare students of average ability for success in a four-year college.  Students who are the first of their family to attend college qualify for AVID.  Students must be from the lower socio-economic subgroup, or fall into other AVID evaluative criteria.  Students and parents make a four-year commitment that includes tutoring, attendance at meetings, maintenance of qualifying grades in required courses, the development of college entry level skills, and enrollment in the most challenging high school courses.  The overall goal of the program is for each student to move directly from high school to a four-year college.  Granite Hills has two AVID trained teachers and maintains four classes on campus, one per grade level.  Avid students learn to take personal responsibility, work in community based programs such as Butterfield Stage Days, and are strongly encouraged to complete the A-G requirements as they move through the steps of the college application process, including PSAT, SAT and ACT Testing, and college FAFSA applications.
If you are interested in becoming an AVID student, please see Mrs. Kisling in 603 for more information.