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Graduation Ceremony Requirements

According to the policy adopted by the Governing Board of Porterville Unified School District (6147, 7/27/89) to participate in graduation ceremonies a senior must have:
  • Maintained 90% attendance of the days enrolled in the Porterville Unified School District. (A student cannot miss more than 18 days or 108 periods per year.)
  • Attained the required number of high school credits. Any senior who does not pass all of his/her courses required for graduation will not participate in the graduation ceremony.
  • Paid all bills or debts to the school district.
  • No more than one out-of-school suspension (any length of time) during the senior year.
  • No time on expulsion during the senior year.
  • No transfer to or from any alternative program (alternative programs are those which also grant diplomas) during the second semester of the senior year. (Students will receive a diploma from the school where he/she completes the requirements for graduation.)
  • Earned 60 credits in the senior year. (If mid-term graduate, earned 25 units during Fall semester)
  • Maintained enrollment in all (6 or more) classes in each semester attended during the senior year. (No unscheduled time while on campus)
  • Must not be on restriction (due to citizenship or attendance reasons) from school activities at the time of graduation.